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Grow your own

Here at the good garden website, we are passionate about how to grow your own produce, Our aim is to share useful information gathered from actually getting our hands dirty and growing a range of fruit, flowers, vegetables and herbs.

Herb Gardening

Many of the fragrant herbs we take for granted have been cultivated for use in medicine, cooking or simply because of their pleasant aromas, here in the good garden space is very limited but we always manage to grow a selection of popular herbs for use in the kitchen and the odd herbal remedy.

Fabulous Fruit

Everyone love the taste of fresh fruit and nothing tastes better than picking succulent pieces of fruit fresh from your own garden, When deciding to grow your own fruit the only limitation you have is imagination.

Vegetable Gardening

Nothing is more satisfying than the taste of fresh vegetables picked from your own garden, our useful guides on growing some of the most common vegetables will hopefully give you the inspiration to get you started, the sense of achievement you'll feel when your new vegetable plot is producing fresh and wholesome vegetables is one of the most satisfying aspects of gardening you'll ever experience.

Companion Planting

Marigolds,Nasturiums and Garlic are our favourite companion plants here in Scotland, as huge believers in planting good companions side by side, we would never dream of planting anything in a greenhouse without the presence of these precious companions.