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Did you know that those lush, colorful blooms called chrysanthemums are rooted in beliefs of human immortality
The Calla Lilies are plants belonging to the Zantedeschia genus in the Araceae family. The genus contains seven
Dahlias are among the most beautiful and most exotic residents of any garden. The large blooms of the dahlia
Hostas, commonly known as the plantain lily, own so many distinctive characteristics that it's difficult to pinpoint
Hydrangeas are among the most popular flowering garden plants. Prized for their huge, dramatic flowers
The Geranium that brightens your landscape with its brightly colored flowers may be one of two different species
It's a well known fact that the marigold flower is one of the favorites in the home garden, but as well as an attractive
Iris is the name of a genus of flowering plants belonging to the family Iridaceae. The various Iris species have showy
Flowers, buds, blossoms, blooms -- it's what we all long for: non-stop color in our gardens and landscapes.
Impatiens are a popular garden flower often seen as edging or used for splashes of color in window boxes.
Azaleas are a flowering plant with a lot of panache. They put off an impressive show, and if done right, will continue to