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Chive Flowers
May 11, 2016

Growing Chives - a charming and delightful member of the onion family

in Growing Herbs by William Shand
Growing Chives - a charming and delightful member of the onion family is probably the most widely used herb in the good garden.
Salvia officinalis
Dec 18, 2015 461

Sage - The Cure all Herb

Sage is a hardy evergreen herb known by its botanical name Salvia officinalis. This well…
Thymus vulgaris
Dec 18, 2015 417

Thyme - The Antiseptic Herb

Thyme is an herb that has been known about and used since ancient times. Egyptians used…
Dec 18, 2015 352

Herbs - The magical story

When you think of herbs, you probably think of seasonings. These precious little gems can…
A extreme close-up of an echinacea flower
Dec 18, 2015 356

Echinacea: A Healing Plant

Everybody has heard of Echinacea. It is a flower and is used in many herbal products. The…
Small bouquet of wild lavender from Provence
Dec 18, 2015 333

Lavender - A Treat For the Senses

Originally found in the Mediterranean countries, the perennial herb lavender, has long…
Herb Basil
Dec 18, 2015 421

Cultivating Basil - The King of Herbs

Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is widely recognised as the king of herbs, this easy to grow…
Petroselium crispum
Dec 17, 2015 456

Growing parsley

Parsley, Petroselinum crispum, is a biennial herb but grown as an annual. Its popular…
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